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Each U.S. legislator who presently opposes persevering with assist to Ukraine must be compelled to look at “20 Days in Mariupol,” a PBS “Frontline” documentary scheduled to air Tuesday (WHRO TV 15 at 10 p.m.). Any American confused about why such assist is essential for America’s safety ought to watch it, too.

The movie is directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning Related Press video journalist Mstyslav Chernov; he and an AP colleague had been the final two Western journalists left in Mariupol after Russia invaded that port metropolis in February 2022. They barely escaped after 20 days of filming Russia’s pulverization of the town, together with direct bomb hits on hospitals.

As People fixate on video of Hamas’ butchery of greater than 1,000 Israeli civilians and horrific scenes of Gazans dying from Israeli reprisals, it’s straightforward to overlook about Ukraine. However this harrowing movie makes clear why Russian President Vladimir Putin is much extra threatening to international safety than Hamas.

Immediately chargeable for slaughtering tens of 1000’s of Ukrainian civilians in Mariupol by means of indiscriminate bombing, Putin has no scruples about mass homicide. He’s ready for Donald Trump’s MAGA followers in Congress to desert Kyiv, together with America’s international management function.

The Social gathering of Putin wing of the GOP performs proper into his palms when members insist that cash for Israel and the southern border trump serving to Ukraine. All are necessary. However “20 Days in Mariupol” exhibits why serving to Kyiv defeat Putin is extra important than both to U.S. safety — and that of its allies.

Chernov made the extremely brave alternative to remain in Mariupol though his work was recognized to the Russians, who in all probability would have killed him if he had been caught. “What we didn’t anticipate was that we might be the one ones reporting, so we had been uncovered,” he informed me.

What he filmed was essential to understanding Russia’s intentions for Ukraine, which had been to destroy it as a sovereign nation. Needless to say Putin’s utter destruction of a whole metropolis — and the continued concentrating on of civilians — was not preceded by any Ukrainian assault. Russia launched an unprovoked battle to gobble up a neighboring nation.

If the U.S. permits Putin to reach Ukraine, it is going to encourage him to increase his goals of rebuilding the Russian empire, undermining different European nations, together with members of NATO. Down that street lie additional wars.

Chernov’s gripping footage dispels present Kremlin propaganda about how Mariupol welcomed the Russians. He paperwork how Moscow intentionally bombed hospital after hospital (simply because it did through the Syrian civil battle to assist its consumer Bashar al-Assad survive).

Chernov took the well-known video of a really pregnant wounded lady being urgently wheeled throughout the courtyard from the maternity wing of a Mariupol hospital, a scene that Moscow nonetheless insists was performed by disaster actors. Chernov and AP reporters adopted up on her case and located that she subsequently died from a shattered pelvis. Her child didn’t survive, both. With out the video, there can be no concrete technique to dispute Russian lies.

The siege of Mariupol lasted for months after the AP workforce left the town.

“I knew how necessary the story was. The world strikes on, and the one technique to protect that scale is to do extra,” Chernov mentioned. “I hope the movie beneficial properties consideration for what has already occurred and what’s occurring now.”

Which brings us again to Putin’s “helpful idiots” within the U.S. Congress. Are they so blind that they can’t see the hyperlink between Putin’s Mideast machinations and his savagery in Ukraine?

The Russian chief is receiving Iranian drones to make use of towards Ukraine, and in alternate reportedly serving to Tehran with nuclear expertise. Moscow has lengthy welcomed Hamas leaders and backed its propaganda in an effort to internationally isolate the U.S.

Israel can struggle Hamas with out extra quick navy help, and the mess on the U.S. southern border can solely be addressed with bipartisan cooperation. However Ukraine’s final probability to regain the offensive towards Putin is now.

Congress should not cave to a worldwide terrorist who threatens America excess of Hamas does. Watch “20 Days in Mariupol” and you will notice why.

Trudy Rubin is a columnist and editorial board member for the The Philadelphia Inquirer. Electronic mail her at


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