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Within the week when Donald Trump says he would would encourage Russia to assault allies who pay too little for defence spending, Tucker Carlson visits Moscow for an interview with Vladimir Putin. Carlson is a person for whom the phrase ‘helpful fool’ was coined, however his interview is the media sensation of the week.

Carlson is a far-right MAGA television presenter, he’s not, in any sense a journalist. The Dominion lawsuit basically confirmed this. The case, you’ll keep in mind value Fox $800 million of their dispute with to Dominion Voting Programs – the most important publicly identified defamation settlement in historical past. The Fox v Dominion case was over the truth that Fox continued to unfold lies concerning the Trump electoral loss regardless of realizing in any other case. Carlson was on the coronary heart of this and is a propagandist for the far-right.

Carlson’s two-hour lengthy interview was predictably embarrassing as Tucker, in blazer and striped tie looked-on as President Putin took cost. Putin delivered a prolonged lecture on the historical past of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and its aftermath, via which he meant to persuade viewers that Ukraine by no means had a proper to exist.

Carlson sat doe-eyed. On the finish he tweeted a placid remark explaining that ‘No matter you assume Putin is honest in his beliefs.’

It was an interview, as Peter Tatchell put it: “Filled with Kremlin lies and propaganda. A pathetic pseudo justification by Putin for Russian fascism and imperialist aggression – 99% unchallenged by Tucker Carlson.”

Afterwards Carlson emerged to declare: “Russia is just not an expansionist energy.” Inform that to a couple of fifth of Georgia, Crimea, or the presently occupied Ukraine.

The entire charade was collectively hosted on Tucker Carlson’s personal web site and the Kremlin’s. The Kremlin supplied the translators. It has been watched by tens of millions of individuals on You Tube, Fb and Twitter, the place it was hosted and promoted by Elon Musk.

I usually reject the ‘horseshoe’ concept of politics which means that the intense left and the intense proper meet within the center. However the Carlson second does current a convergence with the far-right and a few on the left who view him as some courageous determine taking over the institution. Actually, as we all know, actual journalists in Russia are harassed, intimidated, threatened, and infrequently murdered. This, like a lot was by no means raised by the interviewer.

So what was all of it about? It actually gave Putin huge unchallenged airplay to a western viewers. Carlson comes over as a innocent crank, simply a part of the insanity of the MAGA motion and its attendant media circus. However right here he’s greater than that, he’s a propagandist for a dictator responsible of conflict crimes on European soil. It additionally have to be a part of a Trump marketing campaign tactic to leverage pro-Putin sympathy amongst US voters and create an anti-Biden sentiment for his supporters by associating Biden with the conflict in Ukraine.

However as Trump’s sanity unravels in livestream, the proper and far-right in Britain who reward him and contemplate him an ally are in a harmful recreation. Putin’s patsy is softening up the US public for a withdrawal of assist for Ukraine and a ‘peace pack’ which might carve up the nation.


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