Conspiracy idea on Moscow bombing serves Putin

Alan Woods, chief author of Socialist Enchantment/ Revolutionary Communist Get together (RCP), claims that Ukraine’s secret providers had been in all probability behind the 22 March ISIS assault in Moscow.

The declare serves Woods’s usually pro-Putin line on Ukraine, which has led him to minimize Russian struggle crimes there.

Woods’s predominant proof is that the killers fled the scene. “As a rule, Islamist terrorists don’t go away the place of bloody execution. They don’t flee, however combat to the demise or blow themselves up with suicide vests. They by no means give up. The truth is, I can’t recall a single case the place that has occurred, together with the earlier terrorist actions perpetrated inside Russia.”

Can Woods not recall the police manhunt following the Charlie Hebdo assault in 2015 and even what he wrote about it on the time? Or recall Hamas forces retreating from areas they seized on 7 October?

Then he claims that ISIS “has been conspicuously absent from the scene till now” and that it’s extra possible that an intelligence service may have employed washed-up terrorists. The truth is ISIS is resurgent in some areas, with quite a few assaults in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and an tried assault on a Moscow synagogue 7 March. ISIS has a cause to go after Russia for its assist of their enemies, the Taliban, Syria, and Iran.

Then he concludes that ISIS could in spite of everything have finished the bombing: it “could have been the fabric authors of the crime, however it’s fairly doable that different, much less seen, forces had been concerned”, that means Ukraine. He admits that there isn’t a agency proof it was Ukraine.

His agenda is to “show” that Ukraine ought to lose, and has misplaced, the struggle. He applauds Russia’s “overwhelming superiority” and “superior Russian ways”.

He cites Ukraine’s coverage of supporting nationwide independence actions inside Russia as an attraction to “reactionary Islamic fundamentalists”. Again in 1979-80 Woods was a chief creator of the assist assist from the Militant (forerunner each of Socialist Enchantment and the Socialist Get together) for Russian troops in Afghanistan. On that difficulty, he’s nonetheless on the identical tack.

The eleven individuals arrested for the assaults are all Tajiks, already some of the persecuted ethnic teams in Russia. Putin’s try and blame the assault on Ukraine might be used to escalate the struggle additional with assaults on civilians. Ukrainians and Russians will endure as a part of Putin’s response.

That’s what we needs to be speaking about, not evidence-free conspiracy theories.

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