Why I’d somewhat give my child a flaming Sambuca than a smartphone

I nonetheless reckon I’m onto one thing. Neglect horror films involving physique snatchers concentrating on youngsters; my private worst-case parenting state of affairs includes YouTube movies that includes youngsters unboxing garbage, something in any respect produced by Mr Beast, and most particularly, these strobe-lit seizures masquerading as professional gaming commentary, posted by somebody’s jobless, unmodulated, unmedicated 19-year-old.


Then there’s the unholy trinity of TikTok, Insta and Snapchat. I’d somewhat strap my youngsters to a rotating propeller hovering precariously above a crack group of specialist man-eating piranhas than throw them, unsupervised, into these scream chambers of distress and self-loathing.

You don’t need to go far to search out wonderful, well-researched, scientifically strong essays outlining the arguments for retaining youngsters off smartphones. The one by Jonathan Haidt on this month’s copy of The Atlantic is a cracker. I wouldn’t even try and summarise it, aside from to say that if – god forbid – my 12-year-old developed a style for Winnie Blues and Sambuca, there’s a well-lit pathway again to sobriety. However coping with a 14-year-old whose drug of alternative is kiss emojis and Insta hearts? Good luck with that.

I as soon as posited to somebody my long-held concept that we’ll look again on these occasions of unfettered smartphone entry for teenagers and shudder. Moreover, I added from atop my soapbox, we’ll regard them in the identical method as we do these outdated films the place a hapless affected person receives the information of terminal lung most cancers via a cloud of cigarette smoke being belched out by the physician himself.

In hindsight, deploying this argument to a tech skilled was one among my extra idiotic manoeuvres. After he’d completed laughing me out of my very own lounge, he pulled out his smartphone to point out me some research highlighting the virtues of social media. Thankfully, I used to be in a position to divert him with Kim Kardashian’s newest butt pictures and a collection of lovingly compiled cat movies. Maintain calm and carry a smartphone, as they don’t say within the classics, however solely after you’re sufficiently old to vote.

Michelle Cazzulino is a Sydney author.

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